Weller WR 2002 Set Repair station

Weller WR 2002 Set Repair station
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Product Code: Weller WR 2002 Set Repair station
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WR 2002 Set Repair station

Code No.: T0053380699

Power unit, 300 W, 2 channel digital station with WP 80 & DSX 80 irons
Technical data

This station is ESD safe.
Simultaneous operation of hot air and desoldering iron is not possible!
Dimension L x B x H: 273 x 235 x 102 mm (10,75 x 9,2 x 4,02 inch)
Weight: approx. 6,7 kg
Channels: 2
Net supply: 230 V
Power supply: 250 W
Protection class: I
Fuse: T500 mA (230 V / 50/60 Hz)
Fuse overcurrent release: 1,6 A
Temperature control of channels: Soldering and desoldering tool, continuously 
variable from 50°C - 550°C (150°F - 999°F)
  Temperature control range is tool independent
  Soldering iron WP 80 / WP 120: 50°C - 450°C (150°F - 850°F)
  Soldering iron WP 200 / WSP 150: 50°C - 550°C (150°F - 950°F)
  Desoldering iron DSX 80 / DXV 80 / DSX 120: 50°C - 450°C (150°F  - 850°F)
  Hot air iron HAP 1: 50°C - 550°C (150°F - 950°C)
Temperature accuracy: ± 9°C (± 17°F)
Temperature stability: ± 2°C (± 4°F)
Bleeder: Soldering tip (Tip to ground) conforms IPC-J-001
Bleeder voltage: Soldering tip (Tip to ground) conforms IPC-J-001
Pump: (periodic duty 30/30s)
Max. vacuum: 0,7 bar
Max. delivery rate: max. 10 l/min
Hot air: max. 15 l/min
Display: LCD
Temperature control: Buttons
Equipotentional bonding: Via 3.5 mm pawl socket at the back of device (hard grounded normal state)
USB interface: no

Rework - Soldering, Desoldering and Hot air 

  • One station meets the requirements of a rework workplace
  • Unique connecting compatibility of all tools
  • 3 respectively 2 independend tool channels with automatic tool recognition guarantee the simultanuous operation of 2 to 3 soldering tools.
  • Tools are permanentely ready for use

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